Welcome to the 2014-2015 APES We will be attempting to run a paperless classroom as much as possible this year. You will be expected to check the class wiki regularly. All assignments, lectures, discussion, and turning in of assignments will be done here on the wiki and at turnitin.com.

Important Notes:
2014-2015 APES Student Letter (Syllabus)
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Classroom expectations:
I strive to create a classroom culture that allows the achievement of each individual in our community. Each person within our community is expected to work hard and broaden their competencies in all of the areas shown below.
external image LP_globe.png

image citation:http://natomasunified.org/ihs/programs/international-baccalaureate/middle-years-programme/learner-profile/
Assignment Downloads: (Listed by date handed out in class)Summer Packet (Due Sept. 3, 2014)