Introduction to cloud webquest

This webquest was produced using materials from Mr. Newman's RCS website (

A webquest is a chance for you to explore material at your own pace. You are going to follow the links at the bottom of the page and go through each one. You will learn with each link and write up analysis that will help you synthesize the material to help you understand the weather and climate of the your world.

To begin you should open a microsoft word document and type all your answers there.
1. Immediately save this document to your Z drive with the title your LAST NAME, your partners LAST NAME PERIOD CLOUDS
(e.g. ShepardSmith4BClouds).

2. Save this document to a thumb drive or plan to email it to yourself at the end of class.

When completed this document will be submitted to the Shepard folder in HAND IN FOLDER or emailed to Dr. Shepard

Once you have opened the Word document, saved it to you Z drive, and written your name at the top, you may continue by clicking on "Where clouds come from".
Copy and paste each question on you word document then answer them using the information provided.

Introduction to cloud webquest
Where clouds come from?
Types of clouds
What do clouds do?
How to predict weather using clouds.